Team SSAI understands that contract transitions can be a time of uncertainty and are often stressful for an incumbent workforce. We are committed to making the transition process from ESES II to ESES III as quick and hassle-free as possible. Our team has first-hand experience overcoming transition challenges on contracts of similar size and scope at GSFC and other NASA Centers. We hope these frequently asked questions (FAQs) will give you a better idea of who we are and our employment process. Please continue to monitor this website for any further development and updates.

Question 1: What companies make up Team SSAI?
Answer: Team SSAI is composed of Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI), Jacobs, Genesis, Millennium, Peraton, MERC, Telophase, and Carr.

Question 2: When and where can I submit my resume/application to Team SSAI?
Answer: Please submit your updated resume/application as soon as possible through SSAI’s ESES III transition website ( The sooner you provide us with your information, the more quickly we can contact you and begin our dialogue for a position on the ESES III contract.

Question 3: For which company will I work?
Answer: The ESES III contract will be managed as an integrated team. Our approach does not require that personnel in a functional area or customer organization all be employed by one company. Staff allocations across teammate organizations are being worked out based on each company's core capabilities, teaming agreements, and actual Task Orders issued by GSFC.

For more frequently asked questions, please click on: ESES III Phase-In FAQs