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astrophysics science

Our personnel support Astrophysical research into the origins of our
solar system and the universe. Credit: NASA GSFC
SSAI has a long and successful history in leading and supporting astrophysical studies. Science exploration efforts supported by SSAI have ranged from probing the far reaches of space to shed light on the early history of the universe to studying the hydrogen/deuterium ratio in the solar neighborhood to learn about our solar system’s formation. SSAI researchers have led innovative studies of cosmological background data, funded by multiple research grants. Research projects cover the fields of solar and stellar astrophysics, the interstellar and intergalactic medium, active galactic nuclei, galaxy formation and evolution, and cosmic microwave background radiation. For these activities and more, we lead the conception of observational and theoretical research projects, instrument modeling and simulation, and development of algorithms. SSAI scientists are fascinated by the universe and passionate about discovering how it works.

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