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mechanical engineering

SSAI Mechanical Engineers developed the microshutter system
for the NIRSpec Instrument, part of the James Webb Space
Telescope. Credit: NASA James Webb Space Telescope Team
Mechanical engineers develop the designs that define how systems work, model those designs, and then test them to confirm that they work effectively and meet design specifications. SSAI mechanical engineers develop designs that meet our customer’s exact needs and operate flawlessly in extreme conditions. They have the expertise to understand the project’s specific goals, the innovative skills to meet those needs, and the procedures needed to test and verify that the system will work as designed.

For the James Webb Space Telescope, SSAI engineers developed and tested the microshutter system for the Telescope’s Near-Infrared Spectrometer. They provided optical/mechanical modeling, materials engineering to find suitable shutter materials, electro-mechanical engineering for the lenses’ actuation, and structural engineering to ensure the shutter system would operate in extreme temperatures on orbit.