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news - 2014

December 1, 2014—SSAI Completes HBS Contract Transition
SSAI LogoOn December 1, employees began work on the Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences (HBS) contract after a hectic but successful transition. Working over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to complete relocation, the SSAI transition team achieved multiple milestones in a short time. They interviewed and processed employees, and held multiple orientation events. Managers interviewed technical monitors to obtain information on tasks, and completed task orders quickly. New office accommodations required rapid leasing and build-out of facilities. Kudos to the transition team, who worked long hours diligently to ensure that all these efforts were accomplished with no impact to the daily work and ongoing activities of HBS!

November 4, 2014—SSAI Transition Is Underway for GSFC HBS Contract

HBS LogoSSAI is pleased to announce that we are implementing the transition of the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Hydrospheric and Biospheric Support (HBS) Services contract. The contract encompasses scientific support services in the areas of remote sensing research and data analysis, modeling and simulation, instrument development, calibration and instrument characterization, and operational product generation, archiving, and distribution.

“This contract award is particularly significant because we have developed our expertise in scientific and technical support over the past 37 years with Goddard as a major customer,” said Dr. Om P. Bahethi, SSAI’s President. “We look forward to making significant contributions to the success of NASA GSFC missions.”

September 4, 2014—"Ice Bucket Challenge" in Hampton Adds to Donations

Mauricio Peredo and Anoop Mehta at the "Ice Bucket Challenge" in Hampton, VAThrough donations to the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association, SSAI employees in Hampton also received a chance to inundate Anoop Mehta and Mauricio Peredo with icy water. The event contributed an additional $300+ to the organization. SSAI salutes the executives for their gallantry in facing the challenge a second time, and applauds the generosity of all who contributed.


August 28, 2014—SSAI Executives Step Up to the “Ice Bucket Challenge”

SSAI executives Mauricio Peredo and Anoop Mehta
step up to the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Anoop Mehta and Mauricio Peredo participated in the wildly popular “ice bucket challenge” to raise funds for the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association. On behalf of SSAI, they allowed themselves to be soaked by bucket after bucket of icy water.  SSAI employees donated to the ALS Association for the privilege of dousing the executives. The event was successful in raising more than $1,000 from 30+ contributors. Check out the video!


July 23, 2014—SSAI Wins First Place in "Best Places to Work" in Hampton

SSAI's Best Places to Work Award 2014SSAI has once again won first place in the large business category in the Hampton Roads Inside Business journal “Best Places to Work” awards. The awards are selected through a process that includes employee surveys and an extensive response to nomination questions regarding indicators such as organizational culture, work-life balance, diversity, community involvement, and internal equity. The journal’s profile of SSAI emphasizes the workforce educational opportunities, community service activities, and social events that inspire and encourage employee engagement.

SSAI President, Dr. Om Bahethi, is thrilled with the news, noting that this recognition extends SSAI’s multiple awards for Best Places to Work in the Hampton Roads and Washington, DC areas, dating back to 2009, and is further evidence that “our commitment to customers and employees results in outstanding work and fulfilling careers for SSAI staff.”

June 17, 2014—SSAI to Support NOAA IDP

As a subcontractor to System Integration & Development, Inc. (SID), SSAI will be providing subject matter expertise to the NOAA Integrated Dissemination Program (IDP). This task will support several IDP projects, such as the Ground Readiness Project GOES-R Rebroadcast sub-project. SSAI will be involved in planning for and supporting the execution of the project to meet GOES-R direct-readout needs of National Weather Service (NWS) centers. Project objectives include ensuring that target NWS field centers have no appreciable degradation in service during or after GOES-R transition, and that new or replacement antenna systems leave no gaps in requirements.

April 17, 2014—SSAI Receives Langley Award Certificate

Robert Fleishauer receives the award from Center Director, Stephen G. JurczykRobert Fleishauer receives the award
from LaRC Center Director, Stephen G. Jurczyk
SSAI recently received a formal certificate, at the Langley Contractors Steering Council, for NASA Langley Research Center’s 2013 Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award. The award recognizes significant contributions in developing and implementing innovative practices and support of the NASA Small Business Program. As Program Manager, Robert Fleishauer commended the achievement, stemming from the expertise of SSAI employees who perform to the highest standards. “We appreciate all the hard work and outstanding efforts of our SSAI staff, whose dedication to customer service and innovation has led to this recognition.” This success exemplifies our commitment to “Science and Technology with Passion.”

April 4, 2014—SSAI Celebrates 37th Anniversary

Mauricio Peredo, Anoop Mehta, and Om Bahethi cooking on SSAI's 37th Anniversary!SSAI executives are chefs on Anniversary Day!SSAI celebrates its 37th Anniversary with a breakfast gathering that includes the tradition of executive management preparing individual omelets for employees and colleagues. The date also marks the launch of an updated and refreshed public Web site for SSAI.

While looking back at SSAI’s journey from a fledgling company to a successful organization poised for sustained growth, SSAI’s President, Dr. Om Bahethi, also considers its future. He notes, “Our wish is to continue to contribute to the care of our planet, increasing its habitability, as we pursue our goal to be a leading company in science and technology applications. SSAI’s care for our clients and staff has brought us this far, and we look to new opportunities to expand our expertise in areas such as engineering and information analytics. We have been engaged in developing well-defined strategies and clear paths for staff development so that we may continue our achievements for many more years to come.”

February 24, 2014—SSAI Awarded GSA OASIS Contract

Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Solutions (OASIS) contract from the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). The contract is designed to address the need of multiple federal agencies for a full range of service requirements. GSA’s goal is to “provide our customers with best-value solutions for complex professional service requirements.” The contract is designed to cover multiple professional service disciplines, with flexibility in contract types, pricing at the task order level, and integration of ancillary services and products.

The OASIS contract is organized into multiple “pools” that focus on specific industry classifications. SSAI is a recipient within the pool designated for research and development in space vehicles. The OASIS contract provides a vehicle to provide professional services and to meet the requirements for all federal agencies, opening opportunities beyond SSAI’s traditional focus on NOAA and NASA. Dr. Om P. Bahethi, SSAI’s President, commented, “We are very happy to have this way to offer our expertise to an expanded and diversified customer base.”