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Programmer/Analyst - Web Developer/Scientific Programmer
Reference #:21-3105
Open Date:5/6/2021
Location:Greenbelt, MD
US Citizenship Required:No
Job Description:

Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) is seeking a Web Developer/Scientific Programmer to work Part Time (20-29) hours per week supporting NASA Goddard’s Lidar, Hyperspectral and Thermal (G-LiHT) airborne imaging system.

G-LiHT airborne imaging system is a portable, multi-sensor system that simultaneously maps the composition, structure, and function of terrestrial ecosystems using:

  • lidar to provide 3D information about canopy structure;
  • VNIR and SWIR Imaging spectroscopy to discern species composition and variations in biophysical variables (e.g., photosynthetic pigments);
  • thermal measurements to delineate wetlands and detect heat stress; and
  • stereo RGB and NIR photographs to identify fine-scale (~3 cm) canopy features.

G-LiHT image data has been used for the following projects:

  • Regional forest carbon stocks in CONUS & Mexico (NASA CCS; ICESat)
  • Inventory of forest carbon stocks & ecosystem dynamics in interior Alaska (USFS FIA; NASA CMS, ABoVE)
  • Earlier detection of forest insect & disease outbreaks (USFS FHP & FHM; NASA FLARE)
  • Nutrient & land-use interactions in tropical forests (US-DOE NGEE-Tropics)
  • Coastal ecosystem dynamics and biogeochemistry (NASA NIP, NASA-USDA CCS)
  • Post-hurricane damage and recovery assessments in Puerto Rico and South FL (NASA TE, USDA NIFA, DOI, FEMA)
  • Cross-calibration of NASA Earth Observing Satellites (NASA-USGS; Landsat, EOS)
  • Modeling of LiDAR and Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) signals from space (NASA FLARE; ICESat-2, ESA FLEX, CESBIO)
Required Qualifications:

·      Expertise is needed maintain websites and other communication portals.  This involves maintenance of G-LiHT home page; G-LiHT Data Center Webmap; aerial photography webpages; higher-level science products pages; open-access software and code portals/developing new data distribution interfaces;  perform basic data processing needs (e.g., orthorectification of fine-resolution G-LiHT stereo data); involvement in data exploration (e.g., individual tree classification using machine learning algorithms, which have already been initiated).  

Excellent communication and people skills; ability to organize and coordinate field campaigns and manage large data volumes; working knowledge of common software and coding languages used for website maintenance, GIS and image processing.

Desired Qualifications:

·      Background in computer science with Web expertise and science background/interests
-   Applications/Languages include but not limited to: GIS, Python, ArcServer, Java, Python, Agisoft, github, IDL